Dr. Dieumeme Noelliste, CETA Representative (USA/Haiti)

Rev. Dr. Alvin Bailey (Jamaica)

Dr. Barbara Dobson

Mr. Stanley Gerig (USA)
Rev. Dr. Herbert Jacobsen (USA)

Rev. Edouard Lassegue, (Haiti/USA)

Miss Sophie Mair, Alumni Association (Jamaica)

Mr. Dalvern Williams, Secretary, (Jamaica)



Dr. Jacobsen

Lords Valley, PA. Board member since 1988. Ph.D., New York University; M.A., New York University; B.A., The King’s College; additional studies at New York Theological Seminary and North Park Theological Seminary. Dr. Jacobsen is Pastor of The Church at Hemlock Farms, Lords Valley, PA. He held a position as professor of theology at Wheaton College from 1967-1989 and served as the director of the Wheaton in the Holy Lands program for several years. He has been an adjunct professor at North Park University and Theological Seminary and the Caribbean Graduate School of Theological Studies (Kingston, Jamaica), and a lecturer at St. James Bible College (Magadan, Russia) and Liberty College (Oradea, Romania). Since 1974, Dr. Jacobsen has made numerous trips to Israel and neighboring countries in connection with Wheaton College, North Park University, Jerusalem University College and various churches.

Dr. Dieumeme Noelliste

  • Professor of Theological Ethics
  • Director of the Grounds Institute for Public Ethics

Dr. Noelliste joined the Denver Seminary faculty as professor of theological ethics and director of the Grounds Institute for Public Ethics in 2007. He received a Ph.D. from Northwestern University in theological studies, focusing on modern and contemporary Christian thought. He earned an M.Div. from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, a Th.B. from William Tyndale College, and received an L.L.D. from Bethel College in Indiana. He has also studied law at the State University of Haiti.

Before coming to Denver, Dr. Noelliste served as academic dean and then president of the Caribbean Graduate School of Theology, president of Jamaica Theological Seminary, president of the Caribbean Evangelical Theological Association, a member of the Theological Commission of World Evangelical Alliance, and director and chairman of the International Council for Evangelical Theological Education. He is a member of the Latin American Theological Fraternity, the International Council for the Promotion of Christian Higher Education, and the Oxford Roundtable.

Featured in the publication, Ambassadors for Christ, Dr. Noelliste is a contributor to The Global God: Multicultural Evangelical Views of God, Text and Context in Theological Education, and has published several articles in the Evangelical Review of Theology and the Caribbean Journal of Evangelical Theology.