About the Office of the Registrar

The Office of the Registrar of the Caribbean Graduate School of Theology has responsibility for coordinating all activities that impact our student’s journey at the institution.  These activities begin from admissions and enrolment until graduation.


Our key functions of the Office of the Registrar include:

  • Collaborating with Admissions in processing applications
  • Coordination of the Interview Process for entry to the institution
  • Maintenance of student academic records, past and present
  • Ensuring the security and privacy of all academic records
  • Verification of current/prior attendance at the institution
  • Preparation and distribution of transcripts and status letters
  • Preparation of Final Reports and generation of GPAs
  • Organizing Dedication Service
  • Processing of students for Commencement and Graduation Service
  • Planning and coordinating Graduation Service
  • Issuing Certificates for Graduate degrees and Professional and Short Courses
  • Administration of Examinations

The Functions are executed through the following activities:

  1. New students’ admission
  2. Re- admission (returning students)
  3. Transfers (between programmes internally, from other institutions)
  4. Exemptions
  5. Assessment of academic qualifications to determine status of admission (whether provisional or full acceptance)
  6. Assessment of eligibility for transfer credits
  7. Processing students’ eligibility for graduation

contact us

Opening hours

Monday to Friday

8:00 AM to 4:00 PM


 Ms. Avril W. LeVel


(876) 755 – 4645

(876) 801 – 5598 (CUG)

Registry Officer

Miss Danielle Phillips


(876) 755-4645

(876) 924-0741